What is the Blue Utopia System? The Blue Utopia System is a integrated suite of tools that help you build better relationships, deliver more and better communications, raise more money, organize your supporters, grow your organization, and win elections.

The Blue Utopia Difference
  • powerful campaign tools
    Powerful Tools
    From online fundraising, to integrated email broadcasting, to 100's of canned reports -- our tools make you better at every task.
  • easy-to-use campaign software
    Learn to use the system in minutes, not months. Now every person on your team can contribute valuable intelligence.
  • low-cost campaign technology
    Every progressive campaign should be able to afford great technology that can help them win their cause. Now they can.
  • integrated campaign system
    A comprehensive set of tools, all tightly integrated into one system. No double data-entry, no importing, no lost data.
  • awesome customer support
    Great Support
    Full-system management, nightly backups, and a 100% commitment to providing awesome support to every client.