In the beginning
Blue Utopia was started by three friends that believed that technology could play a powerful role in making campaigns better.  From a dingy loft in Pioneer Square district of Seattle they began building the technology.  They decided early on that they future of technology in campaigns wouldn't be just tools - that ultimately, it would be combination of tools and data and services that would bring profound capabilities. 
  • Blue Utopia Co-Founder
  • Blue Utopia Co-Founder
  • Blue Utopia Co-Founder
A brief history

2004:  In February of 2004, we began building the tools that we would eventually offer to Democrats and Progressives only.  By Nov of that year, we launched version 1 of Blue Utopia, the first cloud-based campaign system to serve the political market and one of the first cloud-based software systems of any kind for any market.  It would be several years before 'cloud' even became common vernacular.

2006: We add our first non-founding employees with a growth spurt of 5 new employees. 

2008: We surpass 200 subscribers in 8 states. 

2012: We add our first non-human employee, Walter. We also reach 350 subscribers. 

2014: We add our first international client from Australia.  And on Election Day our clients' win percentage was over 86%.

2016:  We added our first Canadian clients and surpassed 500 subscribers. 

Keeping the complex simple

From day one, our goal was to deliver real capabilities to Democratic political campaigns and Progressive non-profits. That starts with software that is extremely easy to use -- that any person at any level of sophistication could just log on and use without much training.