Blue Utopia Campaign System
From online fundraising to back-office operations like donor-management and compliance, the Blue Utopia suite of products is an end-to-end system of powerful and integrated modules. This integrated system enables you to communicate, engage, organize, fundraise, and build relationships with ease but without high costs. Super-charge your entire organization and spend considerably less than piecing together disparate solutions.
What Does an All-in-One Mean to You?
  • Better Performance
    Why have three different systems to manage your campaign? Your data flows into your campaign in all kinds of ways but one thing is clear - you and your people are better when you have full information.
  • Less Hassle
    Staff and volunteer resources are scarce. Importing and transferring data from one system to another wastes these critical resource? With Blue Utopia every piece of data is in one system.
  • Save Money
    Redundant systems waste critical money -- money that might make the difference between winning and losing. A single integrated system minimizes the amount of money you spend on core IT.
So What Makes Us Different?
  • Single All-In-One System
    There is no imaginary wall between online and offline actions in a campaign. Our comprehensive system addresses all critical campaign tasks, from website, to online advertising, to candidate call-time, even compliance reporting -- plus a whole lot more.
  • Easy-To-Use
    Built for campaign people, who need to be up and running fast with little or no training. Intuitive screens, modularized approach, and a very user-centric approach enables you to get your done today, without spending weeks in training.
  • Affordable
    We serve all campaigns, at every level, not just the federal campaigns with huge budgets. Our easy-to-use software reflects this approach but no more so than our pricing that allows even the smallest-budget campaigns build a great campaign.