Blue Utopia Blog

Blue Utopia Blog: Our Intent and Scope

Thu, Sep 15, 2016 - 02:21 PM

We would like to provide a quick statement on our purpose, in part, becasue a lot of time, we cover just the very top 20% of a subject.  

We serve Democratic political campaigns.  So when we post an article on our blog, we are trying to deliver information that helps this specific group.  If you’re here, you’re likely already aware that political campaigns are unique endeavors.  They are fast-paced, temporary organizations that try to do a lot in a short time, with few resources.  The way they approach campaigns – and campaign technology – reflects this reality.  Our approach to helping this group with technology reflects that reality as well.

What that measn is that you won’t see detailed articles on how to test a web page 10 different ways to eke out a .03% conversion increase.  That's hugely important to Coke and a presidential campaign but a hazzardous diversion of critical resources for almost all poltiical campaigns. What you will likely see are articles on the 10 most critical things to focus on to setup and run an email campaign.  Or how to set up a website in a day with a part-time college volunteer.  That’s the reality of what a political campaign looks like and we try to provide help that fits our audience’s needs. 

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