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Mobile websites: When to make it a priority

Mon, Aug 10, 2015 - 11:07 AM

In April 2015 Google announced it was updating its search algorithm to show preference for sites that were mobile-friendly.  This announcement brought some real panic and craziness for a while but has since settled a bit.  I wrote about the actual impacts of this change here.

In short, most of the panic about Google’s changes was unwarranted.  However, the announcement did usher in some useful milestones. 

For years we’ve been hearing about the dominance of mobile.  Mobile was where it was at.  All mobile, all the time.  But how much do you need to care about mobile?  The answer has been, it depends – it depends mostly, on how much of your traffic is mobile. 

There is no shortage of reports about overall mobile traffic.  One report by ComScore in 2014 noted that 60% of all traffic was coming from mobile devices but that was for all traffic, including from mobile apps.  Another study by The Brick Factory, which serves the political space, pegged mobile traffic in the range of 20%.  Here at Blue Utopia, we run websites for hundreds of political clients and have seen mobile traffic grow from around 8% in 2014 to around 18% in 2016.  That’s considerably less than the rates seen for news and media, as you would expect, but probably more in line with the expectations for a political campaign website.  

So back to the question of whether you need to care or not.  Up until 2015, the vast majority of mobile traffic was to core activities like mobile apps and news and entertainment, which are inhernetly aligned with the consumption of mobile content.  But starting in 2015, mobile behavior began to spill over into other areas, including campaign websitess.  Thus the doubling of mobile traffic we've seen here with our own client web traffic.  In 2015, we launched all new mobile-friendly website templates.  

We wrote about what mobile-friendly actualy means here.  

To see if your own website is mobile-friendly, plug in your domain into the testing tool here:    


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