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New website system with mobile-friendly templates

Wed, Aug 19, 2015 - 02:29 PM


Earlier this year, we began seeing more traffic to our client websites coming from mobile devices.  As a result, we began revising our website templates.  Today, we we’re happy to launch Blue Utopia’s new web publishing system.  Like the previous award-winning system, the new system allows you to create a great-looking website with an enormous number of features in literally just a few clicks.  Unlike the previous system though, the websites are now all mobile friendly, and come with a lot of new enhancements. 

Highlights of what’s new:

Mobile Display. The new system makes use of a new templating system that automatically responds to your visitors' device --- pc, mobile, tablet, etc -- and displays properly on any device. 

Hundreds of canned options. There about 20 color themes for every template, meaning you can select from about 250 different template+theme options by doing nothing more than making two selections. This makes is very easy for the novice to publish a full great-looking site. 

Easy Basic Customizations. If the above themes don’t give you the exact look you’re looking for, we have now implemented LESS variable system. This allows you to choose colors, fonts, background images and more and automatically update your css files. This gives a lot of control over your look and feel without having to modify css files directly, making it perfect for the intermediate user. 

Much More Flexibility. You now have the ability to leave your css files (those that control the look of your site) in the cloud and take full advantage of our continuous improvements. We are constantly tweaking and making our templates better and when you rely on these cloud files, you automatically get the benefits. However, some webmasters want more control over customization and now your webmaster can download the css files locally and make comprehensive customizations. This gives your advanced webmaster much more control than they've had in the past. 

To learn more about our website system, go to 

Current Clients.  This upgrade is included at no cost.  So if you are thinking about an upgrade to your site, this is a great opportunity to get it.  We will even help you do it.  Simply start a support case, let us know you want to go through this template upgrade process and we’ll prepare your system. 

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