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Splash Page Abusers: HRC

Tue, Jun 21, 2016 - 01:20 PM

Posted by Trace Anderson

I wrote about splash pages recently.  Today, I’m going to pick on HRC a bit --not because she’s not awesome. She is. And she’s our future president. This article derives from her use of these insipid splash pages. Her website is a case study in what not to do. 

hillary clinton splash page
Here is the HRC splash page as of today.  Notice that you simply cannot bypass this.  So unless you are willing to give her campaign your email address, you cannot visit her website.  

 We wrote about how to (and not to) implement splash pages here.

hillary clinton splash page
This was her splash page last week and more indicative of what they've looked like for most of her campaign.

Clearly, this was just after she got the endorsement from President Obama, which is actually not a bad time to implement a splash page. It's a temporary announcement of a huge news event. However, a much better implementation of this splash page would have been a quieter and more polite ask of the visitor to add their name along with President Obama's in support of her -- as well as a polite option for 'no thanks, I'm just investigating right now.

This whole approach is a little surprising. With a campaign that spends so much time and money on measuring and optimizing, they have an opportunity to be courteous to their visitors and to learn critical information about them and they instead opt for the bully approach to harvest emails.

Also, the small link to 'continue to website', misplaced at the top so to not compete with the large bold 'agree' button is just a bad practice  in ways that we outlined here.

hillary clinton splash page
Hopefully, you did not think things were going to straighten out when mobile came into play. If you did, then I have bad news for you. I landed on this a few days ago and it's what prompted this article. One thing that we know is that on mobile devices, the bounce rate goes considerably up when visitors are presented with unwanted content. Yet, here on HRC, you see the same un-bypassable splash page. (not sure if un-bypassable can be considered a real word but we're sticking with it).

There is no telling how many users scrolled and pinched to find the 'skip to website' link, only to give up. I know I scrolled around for a few seconds before I shockingly realized there was no skip link.

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