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Why a Custom-Branded Page Matters

Wed, Aug 6, 2014 - 03:32 PM

in Online Fundraising

A recent study titled, The Online Giving Study, found that custom branded donation pages are considerably more effective than 3rd party or non-branded pages. In fact, custom-branded pages raise over 35% more than 3rd-party or non-branded pages.

What is a branded donation page?
A custom-branded giving page is one that looks and feels like the nonprofit or campaign’s own website. Other than the fact that the URL changes, it is not easily evident that the potential donor has even left the source website to make a donation.

A generic donation page, by contrast, does not visually match the nonprofit or campaign’s website. Instead, the donor is sent to a 3rd party system where the nonprofit or campaign’s name and/or logo will normally appear alongside the 3rd party’s. The branding is primarily that of the 3rd party.

Why does this make a difference?
The biggest factor seems to be the connection the donor feels to the nonprofit or campaign. Additionally, logins are sometimes required for generic giving pages and the multi-page checkout process were both found to have an effect on the amount of donation.

How much was the difference?
The difference was substantial and it was in two areas. First, custom-branded pages saw larger amounts —25% higher on average. Second, custom-branded page donors made more repeat donations -- about 21% more. The end result was about 38% more total donations for a custom-branded page.

What should you do with this information?

  • Understand that the online donation process is about relationships and the connection that a donor has to your organization.
  • Make sure your donation page looks and feels very similar to your website 
  • Avoid multi-step donation pages
  • After a successful donation, route donors to a custom thank message such as a video from the candidate or ED of the nonprofit.

How Blue Utopia Can Help

Since 2004, Blue Utopia has raised millions of dollars for campaigns and nonprofits. All of our client donation pages are custom-branded, single-page, processes, resulting in an extremely high average donation and a very low abandonment rate. Plus our clients have the ability to establish multiple concurrent fundraising pages with custom amounts and thank you processes for each, giving them the capability to build a highly personalized online giving process.

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Sources: The Online Giving Study

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