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Migrate from NationBuilder to Blue Utopia

Tue, Jan 17, 2017 - 01:36 PM

Migrate from NationBuilder

With NationBuilder embracing their business side and increasingly supporting Republicans, Blue Utopia is the only full CRM platform that is dedicated to progressive success and priced at a level that enables all campaigns access to technology. With the loud uproar over NationBuilder's support for Trump, there is a need for an easy migration path. For progressive organizations that are still on NationBuilder, we've made migrating to BlueUtopia as easy and inexpensive as possible.

#1: We will make your migration easy and painless

We will walk you through every aspect of migrating your NationBuilder data at no cost to you. That includes people, forms, custom email templates, financial data, tags, and anything else of relevance to your system.

Migrate Contacts

Contacts and Supporters

Migrate Lists and Tags

Lists & Tags

Migrate Email Tempaltes

Email Templates

Migrate Transactions

Donation History

Migrate Forms


#2: We'll make your bottom line work for you

If you’re stuck in a NationBuilder contact and can’t get out, bring us your NationBuilder contract. We will post-date your monthly fees to the end of your NB contract so you won’t get a single monthly charge from BlueUtopia until your NationBuilder term is up.

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Why Your Tech Should be Blue

Tue, Jan 17, 2017 - 01:29 PM

If you are a Democratic or Progressive organization, this article is about why your technology platform should align with your mission.

Just days after Donald Trump was elected president, NationBuilder created a lot of anger and disgust in the progressive community by celebrating Mr. Trump’s victory and taking some portion of credit as his technology platform. This shocked many on the left. It wasn’t shocking so much for its truthfulness as much as its blatant disregard for the purpose and passion of a good portion of their clients’ -- the clients that dedicate themselves to progressive politics.

People who work for progressive causes do so to try make the world a better place. We fight for equality of every stripe, tolerance of every person, and a thousand causes rooted in fairness. It’s a common refrain and one used by President Obama -- that politics is a battle over ideas -- and whether you’re a grassroots organizer, a volunteer, a consultant, a campaign pro, or a candidate; you are the one out there fighting this battle on the front lines.

As technology providers who chose to participate in this field, we are a part of that battle too. While we may not be on the front lines, we are not abstracted from this battle by declaring ourselves as separate from the fight. We are partners to the people that fight on the front lines. We build tools to help you in your fight.

We are just now at the beginning of technology adoption in political campaigns. As we progress farther down this road, technology is going to help us be much smarter about how we execute our campaigns. No one knows exactly where campaign technology will go or how far will we be able to take it for electoral advantage. What we're pretty sure of though is that it’s going to an indispensable part of winning a campaign. And we're also pretty sure that partnering with a tech platform that does not share your mission is not going to be the long term path to winning the progressive battles that have to be won.

Blue Utopia’s mission is to help build the success of the progressive community. We make powerful, easy-to-use and affordable technology for Democratic campaigns and Progressive causes at every level. We work with our partners to make sure that we’re building the tools that make them better.

If you are a progressive organization currently using NationBuilder , then we want to help you get off that platform. To start, bring us your NationBuilder contract. We will migrate you for free. In addition, if you’re stuck in a NationBuilder contact and can’t get out, we will waive your monthly fee until your NationBuilder term is up. You can view more details and get in touch here.

If you're not familiar with Blue Utopia and would like to learn more, please go here to learn more.

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