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Blue Utopia Clients and Users

Congratulations to all whose election turned out successfully.  As always, there's a fair amount of housecleaning to do right after a big campaign season.

Build your organization in the non-campaign season.  You’ve just spent the past several months trying to get people’s attention and support and many of you built impressive audiences and raised significant sums online this year for the first time ever.  Yet, most campaigns will shut down completely and start back up in 2 or 4 years at ground level.  As this campaign season closes and the process of governing begins, consider using your online system to build an effective organization that stretches from campaign to campaign.  Consider keeping your supporters informed and engaged.  Consider building your base of supporters throughout the year.  These activities can make your successive campaigns much easier, as well as insulate you from voter attitude swings that impacted many this past year.  Some of you already do this quite well.  In the coming weeks, we will send out a list of best practices that some of you have done in the past to build your organizations in the non-campaign season.

Announcing Off-Season Professional Services Help.  One of the more common problems that our clients have expressed is the limited personnel resources for performing campaign-related tasks, yet the need to keep at least a semi-active online presence.  Many of you have asked for limited-scope assistance in the off-cycle.  To meet this need, we are offering a service the provides a half-hour of web/online updates per month for $25.  If you want to know more about this, email us at

Keep Your Team Contacts Up to Date.  We never give out information about your service here to anyone that is not a registered user of the system.  So, as your team members change, please take a minute to keep your list of users up to date.  Just log in to your admin panel and make sure to remove any team members no longer with your organization.   

 Session Freeze.  If you have a session fundraising freeze, let us know and we'll set your online donations account to inactive during the freeze.   

Changes to your SubscriptionIf you need to cancel or just go dormant, there are several options for you.  Just log into your admin panel, click the support link, and then type 'cancel options' in the search box.  If you do have changes other than cancelling, please let us know.  We will be happy to accommodate changes to your service. Email us at

Refer and Save.  Do you like your service here?  Could you use a free month?   Do you run into groups or campaigns that could be improved with better technology?  If you refer a colleague or group and they become a new Blue Utopia client, we will waive your monthly fee (up to the referred client's subscription amount).

Maintenance Notice.  We will be performing a network upgrade later this week which will cause an outage of about 2 hours.  We will schedule the work in the middle of the night and will let you know the exact time and day as we know.  


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