Campaign Fundraising

Its not just about online. Our integrated fundraising approach system helps with all the online fundraising but also saves time and improves your traditional fundraising tasks too.
Key Features
  • Branded Donation Page
    Robust Online Fundraising
    Create multiple simultaneous donation or event pages, all optimized to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Online and Offline Fundraising
    Online and Offline
    From online donations to candidate call-time, our tools help you manage all fundraising activities.
  • Track Donations
    Track Donations and Pledges
    Enter and track donations and pledges quickly, accurately, and without creating duplicate records.
  • integrated view
    A Single View of All Donations
    Get a complete view of all fundraising activities from all sources and all channels.
  • Fundraising Reports
    Real-Time Charts and Reports
    Understand your donation funnel. In seconds, know where the money is coming from and if you're on target.
  • Build Donor Relationships
    Information at Your Fingertips
    The research to place a call can be very time-consuming. We push the information you need right to your donor's profile.
  • News and Alerts
    Donor News
    Our system scours the web while you're sleeping to see if there's a news article about one of your donors.