How is BlueUtopia different from BSD?

BSD is a firm serving Democratic and Progressive causes. hey offer a suite of online advocacy tools and are used by many large advocacy organizations. In July 2019, they were acquired by NGPVAN (EveryAction).

Donor-Management. Like a lot of firms, BSD exclusively an online advocacy system. That means they do not have tools for tracking offline activities, traditional fundraising, or any person-to-person interactions. By contrast, BlueUtopia is a comprehensive supporter management + communication + fundraising system that tracks everything online and offline.

Complexity / Ease-of-Use. BSD technology is very complex. Most non-professional staff will find their tools overwhelming and not easily manageable. BlueUtopia's tools are designed specifically for campaign staff where staff doesn't always have years of experience and months to learn a system.

Pricing. The BSD platform is designed for and priced for very large-budget organizations. Just getting set up on BSD costs several thousand dollars and monthly fees start at over $500 and go up quickly from there. BlueUtopia's mission is to help campaigns and groups that don't have massive budgets and our pricing reflects that.

For instance, an advocacy org or campaign with 100,000 emails would pay BSD $2500 to get set up and then at least $1000 per month. That org can get the same functionality, plus offline tools for about half that cost BlueUtopia. And if that org needed FEC Compliance, with BSD, they'd need an entirely separate system, incurring yet another significant expense. With BlueUtopia, FEC Compliance is a simple add-on that works with your data to instantly file your reports.

Finally, in an obvious example of how ease-of-use and approaches to pricing affect clients, BSD charges $8000 for personal training. BlueUtopia offers a personal training session at no additional cost at the time of on-boarding. Only about 50% of new BlueUtopiaa clients even take advantage of this free service, indicating how easy it is to learn the BlueUtopia system. Regardless, the two different approaches to pricing represent a clear delineator.


  • Srong online communication and organizing tools
  • Works for Democratic/Progressive causes only
  • Solid integration program, especially with other Dem partners


  • No social integration
  • Cost-prohibitive for small-to-medium sized organizations
  • Not a CRM system. Manages online activities only

Bottom Line.

If you're a very large organization with a sizable budget and advanced online advocacy needs, BSD can be a good option. However, if you're a small or medium size organization, without a considerable budget and advanced needs, then BlueUtopia is probably a better choice in terms of budget, usability, and comprehensive tools.