Communicate instantly and inexpensively with any segment of your audience. Campaign Communications
Deliver great-looking emails quickly and easily that get delivered to the inbox.
  • guaranteed delivery
    Guaranteed Delivery
    If your email is important enough to create and to send, then it's important that it gets delivered. We guarantee delivery to your clients' inbox. 
  • Custom Email Templates
    Branded Email Templates
    Action-oriented email templates are pre-populated to make it super easy for you to create consistently-branded emails to your supporters.
  • List Management
    Save Time Managing Your Lists
    Automatic handling of subscribes, unsubscribes, bounce removal, and spam reports preserve your sending reputation, all automatically.
  • Email Reporting
    Email Reporting
    Track the success of your email in-real time. Advanced reporting lets you easily see which emails are creating action from your supporters. 
  • Segmentation and Microtargeting
    Targeted Outreach
    Segment your supporters for targeted communication and deliver personally relevant messages to the right audience at the right time.

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