Take control of your data

You don't have to pay high technical hourly fees to have a clean database. Blue Utopia makes it simple and easy. Keeping your data optimized can be complex and expensive. If you've ever had to pay hundreds of dollars an hour just to import a list, you know this all too well. Our system puts the power in your hands with integrated data management tools that make it easy to clean, edit, import, export, and even customize your data fields -- all without any technical expertise.
Key Features
  • Customizable Database
    Customize Your Data Fields
    Create custom codes for almost any purpose, unique data tags, and even whole new categories for organizing your records. In seconds, you can easily customize your database to meet your exact needs.
  • Import Data
    Simple Import/Export
    Easily import lists from any number of sources--donors, email lists, events, etc. Our advanced matching-logic manages the complexity of finding potential duplicates already in your system.
  • Data Cleansing
    Data Cleansing
    Click a button and find all records in the same household, potential duplicates, invalid records and much more. Then easily merge redundant records in bulk or one-at-a-time for a clean database.
  • Mass Edit Data
    Mass Edit Data
    Update thousands of records at once with a few keystrokes. Consolidate smaller lists and single event codes into larger groups, and improve the consistency and efficiency of your communication.