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Supporter Management

Gain a holistic view of your supporters, cultivate strong relationships with donors, and manage every person that touches your organization in a single CRM system. Use simple, powerful tools to create comprehensive profile records, send targeted communication, manage volunteers, or reach out to new constituents. Easily manage and share information within your organization, and build lasting, fruitful relationships with your supporters.
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360° View of Every Supporter

Get a full view of all your constituents and track the details of every relationship in a single database—including donors, prospects, volunteers, event participants, partners, vendors, staff, and board members. Securely access comprehensive records of every supporter anytime, anywhere, from any connected computer or mobile device.

Facebook Fundraising

Optimized Contact Management

Easily management communication with your supporters and the information you keep about them. From within every record, just click a button to fire off an email, print and send a letter, generate a call sheet or dossier, connect via social networks, or flag for follow-up. Segment your supporters into subgroups for targeted communication, and deliver personally relevant messages to the right audience at the right time. Our system automatically tracks every interaction you have.

Real-Time Views

Enhanced Profile Records

Document and access more information about your supporters. Easily link social media profiles and news trackers to constituent records. Add custom codes to track special interests, issues, activities, hobbies and more. View relationships between supporters and other organizations or members of the community.

Integrated System

Simple Data Management

Aggregate information from all online and offline sources into centralized records. Easily import, export, and clean data. Effortlessly sync all information about a supporter and enable real-time collaboration within your organization. Use authority-based views to restrict access to sensitive information. Learn More »

Attention The Supporter Management/CRM Database module is included with our Fundraising and Integrated Systems.

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