Let's Work Together

At Blue Utopia, we appreciate the tremendous value of the professionals that serve the political and nonprofit sectors — from fundraising consultants, campaign managers, compliance professionals, and countless others that play critical roles every day. We work hard to improve the lives of our partners. If you serve nonprofits or political campaigns, we'd love the opportunity to partner with you too.


Referral Partners

Referral Partners are current users of our system already know the great benefits of the Blue Utopia system and how quickly and easily campaigns can be up and running.   The referral program is designed to reward the people who share our story by providing them with a referral bonus.  There is very little required to start this -- just get a referral code and begin referring campaigns that can benefit from our platform.  

Strategic Partners

Strategic & Technology Partners

Strategic and Technology Partners can can make a much bigger impact for their clients or tools. Our open API allows strategic partners to build tools and features that integrate to the Blue Utopia platform. Strategic partners get a full team of technical ninjas, eager to do whatever we can to make you more valuable to your clients.  We are 100% committed to helping our partners offer the most value possible to their clients.  If you are looking to improve what you do for your clients, then contact us today.