Web Setup and Design Options

Do-it-yourself and save money or get a custom designed website or even a mix to get the best of all worlds. Beautiful design and action-oriented websites don't just make you look good--they help you succeed. Basic Setup is included with all websites to get you up and running quickly and it allows you to take advantage of team resources to save money. For higher-end demands, we also offer Custom Web Design services to provide as much (or as little) assistance as you need with graphic design, content publishing, social media integration, and other site customization.
Setup and Design Options

Free / DIY

With DIY, you create your content and use a content system (like Blue Utopia's Web Builder) to publish your website. We this approach we do all the technical aspects like assisting you with DNS, providing the hosting, setting up the wireframe (template), etc. Because you are providing all of the additional design & publishing, there is no additional cost to beyond the subscription setup and monthly fees.

Custom Design

With a custom approach, a web designer will work with you to get exactly what you need. This approach tends to be more collaborative. The designer will create all of your images, web content, etc, publish it all into a website. Maybe they even create a logo and write some of your copy but these get into areas that can take some time and will drive up your costs. With custom design, Blue Utopia will refer you to a web designer that can deliver the level of design that you need.

Blended Approach

If you don't need a completely custom website, have the need to keep costs down and you can create your base content, then a Blended approach might be a good option. With blended, we accept all of your existing content like your logo, photos, walk-sheets, bio, issue statements, etc and we create an entire site out of it.

Setup and Design pricing
  Self-Publish Blended Custom
Monthly Fee FREE $2500 Call Us
Standard Website Wireframe Setup
Search Engine Registration
Setup Online Donations
Standard Site Templates & Navigation
Branded Email Templates
Branded Splash Page
Transfer & Publish All Initial Content
Custom Images/Graphic Design up to 15 hours *
Custom Splash Page up to 15  hours *
Custom CSS Design up to 15  hours *
Custom Site Navigation
Advanced Content SEO
Assist with Content Creation
Custom Widgets & Features
* Maximum total hours combined