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Volunteer Management

The time and energy your volunteers give to support your cause are among your most valuable assets -- so make them count. Our Volunteer Management System helps you organize and schedule your scarce resources, get the most out of finite time commitments, and truly maximize the impact you make.

Volunteer List Management

Manage Your List of Volunteers

It's not enough to just build a list of volunteers -- you need to understand who they are, where they are, and how they can help. Our powerful list-management tools help you segment your volunteers by location, availability, or activity so that you can efficiently deploy your limited resources.

Volunteer Skills and Availability

Track Skills and Availability

Quick-access records provide a snapshot view of each individual volunteer's skills and activity areas, as well as an abbreviated weekly calendar with the days and hours they are available to assist.

Volunteer Job Shifts

Manage Job Shifts

Now that you have an army of volunteers, how do you efficiently manage their time? Our simple calendar tools let you publish volunteer activities, schedule and assign time slots, send urgent alerts, track volunteer availability, and more.

Volunteer Activity Reports

Volunteer Tracking Reports

Track and measure the success of each volunteer in your organization. Our simple tools help you break down individual goals for fundraising, signatures, hours, and other key success metrics, and let you see how your volunteers are performing against their commitments.

Volunteer Activity Reports

Volunteer Activity Reports

Keep a birds-eye view on all volunteer activities and gain insight into what's working. We offer an array of volunteer activity reports to help you stay abreast of trends, identify where and how your efforts are successful, and truly measure the impact you have.


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