FEC Compliance

You want to file your reports without issues, without errors, and without waiting. And you'd like to not spend a small fortune to file a compliance report. We hear you. Welcome to Blue Utopia FEC Compliance.

Key Features
  • Integrated Database
    A single database
    All your data is in one place, saving you time, reducing errors, freeing up resources, and improving your campaign.
  • FEC error checking
    Proactive error checking
    Get alerts if someone shows up on your report who has exceeded a limit, is missing employer or occupation, or other common errors.
  • Fast FEC Reporting
    Fast and easy reporting
    Select your report, click go, and walk through the steps to filing and uploading your report in seconds.
  • Audit Trails
    Automated audit trails
    Communications regarding reattribution or best-efforts are automatically stored in the system in case of an audit.
  • Cloud-based FEC Repoorting
    100% cloud-based system allows you to file from anywhere and anytime.

2 Ways to Get it You can add FEC Compliance onto our Campaign CRM System as an add-on. For compliance processionals, who just need a compliance system but don't need a full CRM, we offer partner licenses that can save you hundreds per month over existing systems.