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FEC & State Compliance

Your candidate needs information now. Your data-entry people need to get their job done fast. You want to file your reports without issues, without errors, and without waiting. Our compliance system solves all of these problems and makes filing a report is as easy as listing an item on eBay (TM).

Key Features
Data Entry

Fast Data Entry

Whether you're mass-entering hundreds of checks or a few one-off donations, we make the process fast and error-free. Our system puts critical information in front of you to help you make quick and accurate decisions about the funds you're entering.

FEC Compliance Reporting

Easy Filing

Just select your report type and go. Our system pulls all transactions and then walks you through the simple steps to review, audit, print, and upload your report electronically to the FEC or state agency.

Compliance Error Checking

Proactive Error-Checking

Avoid mistakes and submitting incomplete reports. Our system automatically identifies records that exceed donation limits, are missing required information, or contain other common errors, allowing allowing you to fix errors before you report.

Compliance Communication and Audit

Integrated Communication and Audit Trails

Missing a donor's employer? Instantly generate a letter or email to your donor. That request is documented and stored permanently in your donor's profile record. So if you ever have to face an audit, your 'best-efforts' were already documented, automatically.

Compliance Performance

High Performance Filing

Does your current system run slow near filing day? Our cloud server infrastructure is robust and scalable -- which means it's always fast and always on, and you never have to worry about performance.

Compliance Support

Extended Support

We offer a deep library of online support resources, support people who know compliance, and extended hours during critical filing periods. When filing day comes, you are never on your own.

Compliance Information Sharing

Point Solution or Complete Integration

Whether you need a system for entering transactions and filing compliance reports or you need an integrated web, fundraising, and compliance system, we allow you to get what you want at a price that reflects what you need.