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Fundraising System

An effective fundraising campaign requires alignment of many activities – donor identification and cultivation, relationship-building, events, calls, letters, follow-ups, reports and constant evaluation. Our Fundraising System makes all this easy and fast, keeps you from getting bogged down in minutiae, and helps your organization raise more money.

Key Features
Donor Management

Build Your Network of Supporters

Get all the features of our Supporter Management. Easily keep track of your supporters' event history, donations, notes, bio, employment, relationships, preferences, vote history, and much more.

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Donor Management

Stronger Donor Relationships

Information that makes an impact is instantly in front of you. Our donor management system puts comprehensive information and powerful tools right at your fingertips, helping you be a much better fundraiser.

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Online Fundraising

Robust Online Fundraising

If you're not successfully raising money online, the simple truth is that you're leaving valuable funding on the table. Our online fundraising tools help you raise money through multiple online channels including websites, Facebook, and mobile. You won't find more effective tools available for raising money online.

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Financial Tracking

Track and Manage Donations

Entering, tracking and reporting your financial activities does not have to be as time-consuming or as difficult as most systems seem to make it. Our system for managing your finances allows you to enter any transaction, including pledges, quickly.

Proactive Intelligence

Proactive Intelligence

Our system is constantly scanning your data and putting intelligent information in front of you. Whether its an un-thanked donor, a new volunteer, a donor who showed up in the news last night, or any of a hundred other important notices, our system generates intelligence you can use..

Lists and Reports

Fundraising Lists and Reports

View hundreds of standardized reports or create custom queries in seconds. Build targeted lists, monitor donors and fundraising trends, or track campaign initiatives with just a few clicks.

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Data Management

Keep Your Data Clean and Optimized

Before you make your next fundraising call, do you have a full and complete picture of your donor? Your contact history? All of their critical relationships? Whether you do or not can be the difference between a lost donor and a major gift. Our tools for managing, cleaning, and optimizing your data make this critical task simple, easy, and inexpensive.

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