Technology to Power Social Change

Blue Utopia is dedicated to helping progressive campaigns and nonprofit organizations. We offer a powerful cloud-based system that helps our clients raise money, engage their supporters, and manage many of their core operations more efficiently -- all with virtually none of the headaches of actually managing or supporting the technology. Since our founding in 2004 we have helped hundreds of clients win their campaigns, raise millions of dollars, grow their grassroots support, and foster stronger donor relationships. About Us Globe

What Makes Us Different?

There are many vendors out there, all serving various solutions to nonprofits and political campaigns. So what makes us different? There are actually a lot of reasons, but we've boiled them down to four.

Software that is extremely easy to use

A lot of campaign and nonprofit systems are very complicated to use and difficult to intuitively navigate. Plus, some will even pile training and education fees on top of their software. This has several big impacts on you. First, it increases your cost both in terms of getting up and running as well as daily use. Second, it limits how many people on your team can effectively use the system. This profoundly impacts your organization because your system is only as effective as the data you put into it. If your system can't be effectively used by the people who are touching your supporters, then you're not capturing valuable data. Our system is highly intuitive. In fact, most people can -- without any training at all -- use our tools effectively in just a few minutes and master them in a few hours. Everyone on your team—not just the “experts”—can use our system without time-consuming or expensive training. That increases productivity and allows you to capture, manage, use and share critical information.

Surprisingly Affordable

We don't believe that our clients need (or should have to pay for) every single feature that has been built into a system or that everything should cost a small fortune. And when we started out in 2004, we did so in part because there was not then, and there is not now, powerful software that was useable and affordable to smaller and medium sized campaigns and nonprofits. Our goal hasn't changed. We deliver powerful technology that makes a profound impact and we offer it at prices that every progressive organization can afford. We price based on the features you need and the size of your organization. This allows you to get much more technology than you can typically afford.

Comprehensive Integration

The value of integration cannot be understated. The time and money that it costs to constantly handle and transfer data from one system to another is considerable. Not having a complete picture of your supporters however, is even more costly. People don't just interact with you online or offline. They interact in all kinds of ways - on the phone, online, at events, through the mail, email, even at the door. Having this complete understanding of your supporters -- not just their online profile -- is critical if you want to build an effective relationship. Our entire system from online advocacy to volunteer management, is tightly integrated into a single system, allowing you to save time and money, and to enjoy a much more valuable view of your supporters.

Worry-Free Technology

We manage every aspect of the technology including backups, security, updates, hosting—everything. Our system is 100% cloud-based so there is nothing to download or install and it's accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any internet-connected device. We set up and configure your system, provide personal training, and back it all up with professional support resources available by phone, email, and online. We call it Awesome Support™, and it’s aptly named.