BlueUtopia Consulting Partners

The Consulting Partner Program is designed for consultants and service providers that want to build a deep partnership with a growing technology provider with a shared vision of building better progressive campaigns. Our Consulting Partner program is designed to give the best consultants the power to service more clients and make a bigger impact. Consulting partners take an active role in co-marketing and on-boarding new clients, and contributing to the BlueUtopia user community with best-practices and other helpful expertise.

Why become a BlueUtopia Consulting Partner?
  • Increase your exposure

    Get seen by hundreds of progressive campaigns and organizations by being listing in BlueUtopia's partner directory and through best-practice tips and branded help built into the system.

  • Grow your practice

    Utilize our master client management system to see and manage more campaigns with less time and effort. More exposure, better tools and a system designed for helping you scale means that talented consultants can have a much bigger impact.

  • We're dedicated to your success

    Start with a dedicated partner manager. Whether you need a feature that helps you serve your clients or urgent weekend help, we will have your back. Get a free sandbox system, participate in partner conference calls, and be a key part of Democrats, our, and your success.

  • Earn more

    Our entire partner program is designed to enable great people to do more. That means doing more for each client. It means tools that enable you to service more clients. Of course that helps you earn more but we also have generous revenue-sharing program ranging from 5-20% that adds another layer to your revenue.

Become a Partner

  • Access to a dedicated expert
  • Technical services for your business
  • Customer-management portal
  • Revenue sharing
  • Increase your visibility

Partner Details
Partner Details Level 1 Partner Level 2 Partner
Active client subscribers* 3+ 10+
Revenue sharing 10% 20%
Listed in partner directory
Dedicated partner manager
Master client dashboard
Free system sandbox

* Partner-clients shall maintain an active subscriptions at or above ‘level 3’ (2500 email records). Partner must be an active and authorized user on client system.