Personal email accounts

Dedicated email addresses branded with your domain that are spam-filtered, virus-protected, ad-free, private, encrypted, and manageable on any computer or mobile device.

Key Features
  • Private and Secure Email
    Private and Secure
    Private, dedicated email accounts with no ads and advanced advanced SSL encryption ensures the privacy of your emails.
  • Email Guaranteed Availability
    Business-Level Availability
    When your email goes down, so does a primary communication channel.  Our email has a guaranteed uptime of 99.999999999%.
  • Branded Email
    In a campaign, perception is critical. Branded email is one more way to increase your image as a professional serious campaign.
  • Spam and Virus Protection
    Spam and Virus Protection
    Spam isn't just annoying, it's potentially dangerous.  We protect you from email threats with advanced spam and virus filtering.
  • Mobile Device Email
    Complete Mobility
    Manage your email from any smart-phone. No matter what mobile device you use, you will never be disconnected from your email.
  • Premium Email Options
    High-Quality Optional Features
    Standard email can even be upgraded to include MS Exchange (TM), historical archive, mobile sync, Sharepoint integration and more.