Online Advocacy

Give your supporters a giant megaphone. Integrated tools that turn your supporters and website visitors into powerful changemakers. With petitions, letter-to-the-editor, and custom on-the-fly sign up pages for anything you'd want to ask for, our online advocacy tools provide you with everything you need to reach, activate, and engage your audience to effect change.
Key Features
  • Petitions and Letters
    Petitions and Letters
    Capitalize on high-interest events quickly. Create online petitions and letter campaigns in a few clicks, broadcast them out and instantly begin galvanizing support and making an impact.
  • Custom Action Pages
    Custom Forms
    Quickly create action pages to solicit volunteers, build endorsement lists, generate pledges, and more. Collect any information you want and measure responses in real-time.
  • Social Media Sharing
    Integrated Social Sharing
    Integrated social media sharing is embedded throughout all of our advocacy tools, making it easy for your supporters to share action pages with their friends and extend your reach even further.
  • Advocacy Reports
    Measure Your Impact
    Don't just do it. Prove it. Our automatically generated standard reports show you who took action and help you accurately measure your impact.