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system that helps consolidate all your data into one place, organize your campaign, track supporters, and build relationships at scale.

Connect all your data sources

Connect your data from various silo systems to get one complete view of your mission's efforts and progress. Every contact list, LinkedIn, Excel worksheet, accounting system, email system, and sign-up sheet; all integrated into your single campaign database. This is step one to organizing your campaign and beginning the process of transforming your campaign into an organization that makes every successive effort easier and more effective.

See everything about your contacts

Everything you know about your supporters in one place, plus a lot of additional data that saves you time and money. Start building better relationships with your supporters with more personalized conversations.

BlueUtopia Supporter Hub includes tools to communicate directly with your supporter built right into the system. Every interaction from every team member from any channel is automatically tracked.

Clean, customized, optimized data

You don't have to pay high technical hourly fees to have clean well-functioning data. With the BlueUtopia Supporter Hub, you can easily clean, de-dupe, mass-edit, household, and even customize your data fields -- all without any technical expertise.

With just a few clicks, deploy our matching engine to identify unlinked records at the same address, identify and remove duplicates, or clean unwanted or incomplete records.


Supporter Management

system with robust features that help you save significant time and improve every interaction with your supporters.
  • Rich Supporter Profiles
    Rich Supporter Profiles
    A clean robust view of everything you know about your supporters.
  • Reports and Lists
    Reports and Lists
    Get to any code or list or view hundreds of standard flexible reports in seconds. more
  • Enriched Profiles
    Enriched Profiles
    Automatically match your supporter to dozens of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, more.
  • Contact Info
    Unified Contact Information
    All contact information, available anytime, from any device. Even sync with various external systems like Gmail.
  • Supporter-Management
    Not just online supporters
    Track and build relationships with all of your organization's supporters regardless of how they engage with you.
  • Track Interactions
    Automatically Track Interactions
    Every letter, call, email, doorbell or online action is automatically stored in your system so every interaction is at your fingertips.
  • Related To Records
    Track Relationships
    Link known relationships records by household, friendship, board memberships, and more ensure you have a full picture of the person and key relationhips.
  • Track orgs and pacs
    Manage your PACS and Orgs
    Easily organize your org and PAC contacts. Track lobbyist relationships, clients, donations, and so much more.

Important information that we need is there – instantly. That makes me better when I talk to people. It makes my campaign staff better. It makes our entire campaign better.
- Jay Inslee, Washington State Governor

Affordable to start and as you grow

Whether you're a one-person organizer, a county candidate campaign, or a national advocacy group, our scaled pricing makes it affordable for every organization.

Supporter Hub

Consolidate all your supporter data into a single database, then build better relationships with your supporters.

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