Campaign System Pricing Our simple scaled pricing makes technology affordable for campaigns at every level
Max Supporter Records Max Voter File Size Setup Fee * Monthly Pricing
100 800 $0 $25
500 4,000 $0 $45
1,000 8,000 $0 $65
2,500 20,000 $0 $85
5,000 40,000 $0 $110
10,000 80,000 $0 $135
25,000 200,000 $0 $225
50,000 400,000 $0 $375
100,000 800,000 $0 $450
250,000 2M $0 $625
over 250,000 Call us   Call us
* No setup fee with 1-year minimum term. A setup fee of $350 is required for month-to-month terms.

All Subscriptions Include:
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Unlimited Broadcast Email
  • Guaranteed Email Delivery
  • No Setup Fee with annual term
  • Secure Access, 256-bit SSL
  • Daily Data & File Backups
  • Continuous System Updates

Add-Ons Add these to our core campaign system for even more integrated functionality.
Campaign Website
Build your online campaign with a great-looking, easy-to-manage, highly optimized, responsive, and fully-supported website.
All levels: $ 25 / mo

FEC Compliance Reporting
With all your financial data already integrated into a single place, use our streamlined FEC Reporting engine to quickly and easily file your FEC reports.
Starts at: $ 50 / mo

Signature Gathering
Make managing an army of volunteer signature-gatherers much easier with this powerful add-on.
Starts at: $ 50 / mo

Pricing FAQ
  • How does pricing work?

    Most subscriptions, including the core Campaign (CRM) System is priced based on the size of your organization, which is determined solely by the number of supporter records in your database.

  • What is a supporter record?

    A supporter record is any record that you can interact with or track at a detailed level in the Constituent Manager module. The most common requirement to be considered a supporter is an email address.

  • What is the minimum term?

    We offer monthly and annual terms.  Monthly terms incur a setup fee, whereas annual terms do not.

  • What if we exceed our database size during the year?

    We simply bill you at the higher level, prorated for the remainder of the year.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    You can cancel your account anytime. There is a cancelation form accessible through the support system.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    No, we do not offer refunds on already-processed payments.

  • When am I billed?

    At the time of sign-up, you are billed the prorated amount for the current month. All subsequent bills are processed on the 1st of the month.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    We do not offer free-trials because we typically provide a lot of personal help to get you on-board and ready to use your new system. Obviously we couldn't do that with trial accounts. However, we do offer trial user accounts on a generic sandbox system where you can see and experience the system that has been already setup for demo purposes. 

  • Can I switch from monthly to annual?

    Absolutely. We are happy to switch your term and will apply the annual discount to your account.

  • How many users can we have?

    There is no limit on user accounts and we do not charge any fee for the number of users.

  • What form of payments do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and you can also set up e-checks once your account is established.