Migrating to Blue Utopia

Campaign system migration Whether you're upgrading from am array of spreadsheets or migrating from another database system, we've made switching to Blue Utopia as fast and as easy as possible. Expert migration and/or setup of all of your current data is included as a part of our core setup and onboarding process. This allows you to be and running quickly, with very few headaches or disruptions to carrying out your core mission.

We'll take care of transferring all your data including:

Migrate Contacts

Contacts and Supporters

Migrate Lists and Tags

Lists & Tags

Migrate Email Tempaltes

Email Templates

Migrate Transactions

Donation History

Migrate Forms


Migration FAQ
  • How long does migration take?

    It varies but the biggest two facotrs are how quickly you can collect and submit your raw data and how much data there is. A standard rule of thumb would be that it takes 2 business days to setup your system and import all of your data.

  • What do you import?

    We import all contacts, trasnactions, lists and codes. We will also duplicate any forms and custom email tempaltes as closely as possible to their original versions.

  • Is there anything you don't import?

    Anything not listed above is considered outside the scope of a standard migration.

  • Is migration an additional charge?

    No. Full standard migration is included in the one-time setup and on-boarding fee.

  • I want to do my migration myself, do you have any resources to help me?

    Absolutely. There is an entire section for migrating in our support knowledgebase. All clients have access to this resource.