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A Few of Our Clients

Blue Utopia provides a wide range of technology and services to hundreds of political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. Since our founding in 2004, we have grown by over 300% every year by offering powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use technology that plays a critical role in helping our clients win their campaigns and advance their cause.

Some of our past and present clients include:

Federal Campaigns:
  • Sue Thorn for Congress (WV-01)
  • Matt Silverman for Congress (WI-02)
  • Bob Marx for Congress (HI-02)
  • Gloria Negrete McLeod for Congress (CA-35)
  • Rob Stutz for Congress (MT-AL)
  • Ruben Kihuen for Congress (NV)
  • Dr. Raul Ruiz for Congress (CA-36)
  • Powell for Congress (VA-07)
  • Jordan Sims for Congress (IL-01)
  • Jay Inslee (D), US Rep, WA-1st Dist
  • Justin Coussoule (OH)
  • Kissell for Congress
  • Zeller for Congress
  • Rob Miller for Congress
  • Cal Cunningham
  • Joe Sestak

Nonprofit & Progressive Organizations:
  • Innocence Project of Texas
  • Huttner Group
  • Sequim Schools
  • Bellingham Home Fund
  • Bremerton Foodline
  • Seattle Library Levy
  • Democrats Work
  • Vet-Pac
  • ApolloPAC
  • Ohio Legislative Black Caucus
  • Save our Buses
  • Voters for Affordable Housing
  • People for a Better Lynnwood
  • Keep Clark County Moving
  • Washington State Dental Association
  • Forward Vancouver

Party Organizations:
  • 37th District Democrats
  • Senate Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus
  • Washington State Democratic Party
  • Pinal County Democrats (AZ)
  • Pierce County Democrats (WA)
  • Seminole County Democrats (FL)
  • Will County Dems (IL)
  • Geauga County Dems (OH)
  • Hamilton County Dems (OH)
  • Sullivan County Dems (NY)
  • Ohio House Democrats

State Campaigns:
  • Pramila Jayapal, State Sen (WA)
  • Christine Kilduff, State Sen (WA)
  • Strom Peterson, State Sen (WA)
  • June Robinson, State Sen (WA)
  • Jeanne Nicholson, State Sen (CO)
  • Lillian Ortiz-Self, State Rep (WA)
  • Matt Isenhower, State Rep (WA)
  • Mike Weiland, State Rep (WY)
  • Joan McBride, State Sen (WA)
  • Rico Reyes, State Rep (TX)
  • Yoshie Wong, State Sen (WA)
  • Mary McNaughton, State Rep (WA)
  • Jessyn Farrell, State Rep (WA)
  • Brett Phillips, State Rep (WA)
  • Cyrus Habib, State Rep (WA)
  • Kathy Haigh, State Rep (WA)
  • Kevin Ranker, State Sen (WA)
  • Bud Sizemore, State Rep (WA)
  • Annette Cleveland, State Senate (WA)
  • Stephanie Bowman, State Rep (WA)
  • Bobby Virk, State Sen (WA)
  • Eric Choiniere, State Sen (WA)
  • Lynda Ring-Erickson, State Rep (WA)
  • Deidra Towns, State Assembly (NY)
  • Phil Rockefeller (WA)
  • Ravi Bhalla, New Jersey Assembly (NJ)
  • Ted Celeste, State Rep (OH)
  • Ed Murray (WA)
  • John Carney, State Rep (OH)
  • Sandra Williams, State Rep (OH)
  • Deb Eddy, State Sen (WA)
  • Gayle Slossberg, State Senate (CT)
  • Christine Rolfes, State Rep (WA)
  • Roger Dunigan, State Senate (MI)
  • Mark Okey, State Rep (OH)
  • Dawn Morrell, State Rep (WA)
  • Scott White, State Rep (WA)
  • Aileen Gunther, State Rep (NY)
  • Craig Pridemore, State Sen (WA)
  • Tom Letson, State Rep (OH)

City & Local Campaigns:
  • Dee McComb, City Council (BI, WA)
  • Kathy Luz Herrera, County Legislature (NY)
  • Dillon for Napa County Supervisor (CA)
  • Stephanie Bowman for Port (WA)
  • Glen Bachman for Port Commissioner (WA)
  • Suzanne for Seattle Schools (WA)
  • Ty Stober For Vancouver Mayor (WA)
  • Raymond Stephanson for Mayor (WA)
  • Michael Wolfe for Port (WA)
  • Benson Wong for City Council (WA)
  • Yvonne Pettus For Clerk (WA)
  • Scott Murphy for Everett City Council (WA)
  • Vanessa White for City Council (OH)
  • Rod Dembowski for City Council (WA)
  • Dave Somers for County Council (WA)
  • Annabelle Jaramillo, Benton County Commissioner (OR)
  • Shaun Ireland, Austin City Council (TX)
  • Brigid Shea, Austin Mayor (TX)
  • Joe Tanner for County Commissioner
  • Brian Sullivan for County Council (WA)
  • Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Council (WA)
  • Maurice Classen, Seattle City Council (WA)
  • Greg Lincoln, Hoboken City Council (NJ)
  • Brian Sullivan, Snohomish County Executive (WA)
  • Dow Constantine, King County Executive (WA)
  • Kenny Smith, County Commissioner (TN)
  • Michelle Buetow, Seattle School Board (WA)
  • Pete Holmes, Seattle City Attorney (WA)
  • Doug Linkhart, Denver Mayor (CO)
  • Laure Quinlivan, Cincinnati City Council (OH)
  • Russ Pry, Summit County Exec (OH)
  • Eric Kurta, Hoboken City Council (NJ)
  • Roger Townsend for City Council
  • Jack Block Jr. forĀ  Burien City Council
  • Andrea Reay for Burien City Council

Statewide Campaigns:
  • Florida's Water and Land Legacy (FL)
  • North Dakota Conservation Fund
  • Greg Nickels, Secretary of State (WA)
  • Peter Goldmark, Lands Commissioner (WA)
  • Bob Ferguson, Attorney General (WA)
  • No on 1033 (WA)
  • No on 1100 and 1105 (WA)

Judicial Campaigns:
  • Remy Leonard, Everett District Court Judge
  • Millie Judge, Snohomish Superior Court Judge
  • Stan Rumbaugh, Superior Court Judge
  • Tom Weaver, Court of Appeals (WA)
  • Susan Owens, State Supremem Court (WA)
  • Deborra Garrett, Superior Court Judge (WA)
  • Charlie Wiggins, WA State Supreme Court
  • Ken Schubert WA Superior Court Judge
  • Bruce Hilyer, WA State Supreme Court
  • Bill Bowman, WA Superior Court Judge
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