Social Connections

Social, personal, household, work, and professional connections - all in one place. When you are building relationships and talking to your supporters, understanding their connections can be the difference between a casual supporter and a max-out donor. That's where our connections functionality comes in. It displays all of their relationships in one area for a much more and complete view of your supporter.

Key Features
  • Linked Records
    Personal Relationships
    Link records by household, friendship, etc and ensure you have a full picture of every call, pledge, and donation before you place your call.
  • Enriched Profiles
    Social Profiles
    Your supporters are on social. Know so much more about what they care about to increase your ability to speak to them effectively.
  • Organizational Connections
    Organizational Ties
    See who's connected to an organization or PAC that you're interacting with. Track lobbying connections, prior staff, board members, or just to key personnel.