Pricing and Basic

  • How does pricing work?

    Everything is subscription-based and pricing is priced based on the number of contactable records in your database, as well as any add-ons you choose. That's it.

  • What is a contactable record?

    Any record with an email or cell phone that can be used for outreach - for example, to send an email or an SMS.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    You may cancel your BlueUtopia subscription or change plans at any time by clicking on the "cancel subscription" button on the Account->Subscription page (admin and owner level contacts only). Your paid plan will end on the date before your next billing cycle. We do not offer refunds for partial or non-use.

  • What is the minimum term?

    You can subscribe on annual or monthly basis. Monthly subscriptions are month-to-month and can be canceled anytime. Annual terms are billed on an annual basis and are for 1 year terms.

  • Can we get a free trial?

    We do not offer free trials for all systems due to the on-boarding that we perform at startup. You can get started with the Core CRM for free.

  • Is there a setup fee?

    For month-to-month terms, yes. This one-time setup fee covers the cost of on-boarding. The setup fee is always waived for annual term.

  • What if we sign up for annual and then grow past our size?

    No problem, happens all the time. You will simply receive an invoice for the prorated difference for the larger size for the remainder of the annual term.

  • Our election is in 8 months, should we go annual or monthly?

    The quick math of annual Vs monthly comes down to 7 months. If your campaign goes on for 7 months and ends, it's cheaper to go monthly. On month 8, it would have been cheap to go annual.

  • Do we have to pay annual all up front?

    Yes, technically annual terms are charged up front. However, upon request, we will happily charge 50% up front and postpone the second 50% for 30 days.

  • What if we exceed our maximum records?

    When you exceed your maximum system size, you will get a courtesy notice first. This will give you a chance to clean up unnecessary records, de-dupe, and continue at your current level. If the net billing cycle starts and you are at the higher level, your monthly fee will automatically increase accordingly.

  • General

  • Is support included?

    Yes, support is included with all systems. Support includes online tickets and a robust knowledge repository that answers many questions instantly. We support all users, at no cost for all systems.

  • Can anyone sign up?

    No. The first thing that happens once you place an order is the conflict check, performed internally. This ensures that we only serve our intended audience of progressive organizations and democratic.

  • What is included in the setup fee?

    Essentially the answer is 'everything technical, plus any training needed to make sure you know how to use your system'. Technically, we configure everything, set up (or connect) your online donation page, assist with DNS changes necessary, customize your email templates, and even help you import your data. All this culminates with a personal training to help you begin using your system.

  • Do you serve non-partisan candidates?

    Yes. If a candidate or organization is not specifically partisan but is willing to identify with a partisan provider (us) AND has a track record that is not contrary to progressive issues, then we will serve that candidate or organization.

    Getting Started

  • How do I get started?

    When you are ready to start service, you will go to our online order form here . This order is what kicks off our internal process for creating your system.

  • We want to get started, how do we pay?

    On step 4 of the order form is a secure payment form. This will be the payment method used for any setup or month 1 fees. This method can be changed any time in the admin panel.

  • How long does it take to be up and running?

    Typically 2-7 days but it depends. When you place an order, you are in active ‘onboarding’ mode for 7 days. During this time, our team will actively assist you in getting up and running -- data imported, setting up uses, configuring the system, etc. At the end of this 7 days, you are in support mode. The biggest piece of this is your data, which requires you to get access to your data and prepare it for import. This is entirely on your side and we have no control of this.

  • How is our data imported?

    You have two options for importing your data. Option 1 is self-serve where we will provide you with import templates and guidance and you perform all of your own imports. It’s not difficult but can be time consuming. Option 2 is to have us do it for you (Full-Service Data Import). This is an additional cost but can easily be worth it with all the time you can save.

  • How do I order Full-Service Data Import?

    On step 3 of the order form, you can elect some add-ons. The list here is limited to just the add-ons that are critical for starting up. One of these is Full-Service Data Import. To include this, select this as an add-on. Pricing is based on the number of records of your system. Please check the Add-Ons pricing sheet for details.

  • How do we get trained?

    At the end of the 7-day onboarding, you will be offered a free 1-team training session. The training is 1 hour and there is no charge. You can have as many team members trained as you like.

  • Email Broadcast

  • What does 1X mean?

    1X means you can email your maximum list size 1 times (1X) per month. For example, if your level is up to 2500 records, then you can send 2500 emails in a month.

  • Is email brodcast really unlimited?

    Yes, as long as you maintain a sending reputation of 95% or better. If your reputation falls below that level, you will be limited to 10X sends per month, where 10X means you can send 10 times your maximum system size. So if your max system size is 5,000 records, your email sending limit is 50,000 emails per month. This limit is only in place if your sending reputation falls below 95%. Otherwise, emails are unlimited.

  • Can I import our email list?

    Absolutely. You can import with our very easy-to-use data import tool.

  • Do you report on the opens and other details?

    Yes, we report on opens/reads, clicks, opt-outs, spam reports, and other key actions.

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