Progressive campaigns are about to get easier
BlueUtopia is the CRM, Donor Management, Advocacy, Fundraising, Communication, and Compliance Reporting platform for progressive causes and campaigns.

Everything you need in one place

All your supporter data and tools in one place. No more disparate lists in various systems. A single view of all online and offline interactions, donations, and communications.
Integrated CRM System

Reach more people, more effectively, with less effort

With a single place for all your data, you can start communicating with your entire list automatically. Easy-to-use outreach tools help you send communications quickly and easily.
Politcal and NonProfit Communications

Reallocate your team's time to what matters

Standard tasks are accomplished in seconds, not hours. Merging online and in-person data between multiple systems is simple and easy. Even cleaning bad emails is done automatically. And when you need help, it's all backed by amazing support.

Tools for all your donor and supporter efforts Tools for fundraising, communications, advocacy, financial tracking and compliance reporting -- all tightly integrated and embedded with valuable data and services.

Why BlueUtopia?
  • Comprehensive A single system for all your data, combined with comprehensive tools that help you build your organization.
  • Great Support Unlimited support, backed with our 100% commitment to provide awesome support to every user.
  • Our Mission We serve Democrats and Progressives only. Every feature we build goes to furthering the progressive movement.
  • Affordable Scaled pricing allows progressive campaigns and organizations of every size to adopt powerful technology.

Trusted by Democrats and Progressives Everywhere Over a thousand organizations have trusted BlueUtopia to help them build, communicate, raise, and win.
  • Kaylee for Congress
  • Ben Pursley for US Senate
  • David Roth for US Senate
  • 21st Century Democrats
  • Wendy for Idaho
  • Casey for Auditor
  • Pooja for Austin
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  • Brnady Voss
  • Andru Volinski
  • Every District
  • Dee Thornton for Congress
  • Portage County Democrats
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  • Denton County Democrats
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  • DC Vote
  • Blue Action Network
  • Pinal County Dems
  • Dow Constantine
  • SOS Arizona
  • Will Fisher for Texas
  • Polk County Democrats
  • Aimee Lopez

The Tech Platform for Progress

The BlueUtopia System has all the tools you need to fundraise, communicate, organize, and grow your supporter base.