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A Guide to Email Sunsetting

Tue, Sep 26, 2023 - 01:03 PM

Email Sunsetting

Sunsetting is the strategy removing inactive or irrelevant recipients from your mailing list.

Why Sunset?

Maintain Relevance: Over time, interests and priorities change. What was once pertinent to a recipient might no longer be, leading to disengagement.

Email Deliverability: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor email engagement rates. High bounce or low open rates can lead to your emails being flagged as spam.

Resource Optimization: Resources like time, effort, and potentially monetary costs are invested in crafting and sending emails. Ensuring they reach an engaged audience is vital.

How to Sunset?

Step 1: Identify Inactive Recipients

The first step in the sunsetting process is identifying inactive recipients. These are individuals who haven't engaged with your emails over an extended period. Typically, this period ranges from 6 to 12 months, but it can vary depending on your industry and specific circumstances.

Step 2: Segment Your List

Segmenting your email list is a powerful tool for effective communication. By categorizing recipients based on their interactions, interests, or demographics, you can create tailored content that resonates with each group.

Step 3: Communicate Your Intentions

Before removing recipients from your list, consider sending a final email explaining your intention to sunset inactive subscribers. This gives them an opportunity to re-engage or to allow the sunset to occur.

Step 4: Execute the Sunset

Once you've communicated your intentions, it's time to execute the sunsetting process. Most email marketing platforms make it easy to remove inactive subscribers. Be sure to keep a backup of your list in case of any unintended deletions.


Sunsetting email recipients is a necessary step in maintaining a healthy and engaged subscriber base. It's not about shrinking your list, but about optimizing it for maximum impact. By regularly evaluating and refining your email list, you can ensure that your communications reach the right audience with the right message, ultimately leading to more meaningful interactions and better results.

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