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Photos and Videos at Polling Locations

Sat, Oct 29, 2016 - 01:01 PM

Posted by staff

We should expect plenty of interesting events at polling locations in a few days. And with everyone having a video camera in their pocket, there will be lots of opportunity to photo document this.

Before you break out your phone, did you know that you can't take a photo of your ballot in a lot of states? And in a lot of states, you can get into trouble for even taking a photo too close to your polling location.

So before you break out the camera -- or if someone else is using their camera -- here are a couple of resources that list out the rules in all 50 states.

Center for Citizen Media posted the state laws on photography back in 2006. It's a bit dated but a very well done resource.

Digital Media Law Project has a handy chart for all 50 states. It's more recent but it is more of a link-to info than useful summaries.

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