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Support for FEC Hybrid PACs

Tue, Jun 7, 2022 - 03:18 PM

in FEC Compliance

In March, we launched support for filing F3X reports for Hybrid PACs. This extension to our FEC-reporting module allows these Hybrid PACs to easily import or connect online transaction data, modify it, then file the FEC report.

With this feature drop, you can now:

  • Create a single api to ActBlue to sync all contributions from both standard and non-contribution bank accounts
  • Create a rule to automatically assign contributions to the correct account based on source
  • Manually enter any disbursements or checks and assign to the correct bank account
  • Proceed directly to filing the F3X with little to no data handling

For more information on Hybrid PACs, see the FEC website here

For detailed instructions for filing an FEC report in BlueUtopia, go here:

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