A complete picture of online and offline donations, rich information at your fingertips, time-saving automated tasks, and more -- all work together to help you raise more money and spend less time managing fundraising tasks.

Cultivate more donors and foster their path through the giving process.
  • Track Donations
    Track Donations and Pledges
    Enter and track donations and pledges quickly, accurately, and without creating duplicate records.
  • integrated view
    A Single View of All Donations
    Get a complete view of all fundraising activities from all sources and all channels.
  • Branded Donation Page
    Online Fundraising
    Create multiple simultaneous donation or event pages, all optimized to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Fundraising Reports
    Real-Time Reports
    Understand your donation funnel. In seconds, know where the money is coming from and if you're on target.
  • Build Donor Relationships
    Information at Your Fingertips
    The research to place a call can be very time-consuming. We push the information you need right to your donor's profile.
  • News and Alerts
    Donor News
    Our system scours the web while you're sleeping to see if there's a news article about one of your donors.
  • Real-Time Checks
    Automated Alerts
    Get notified in real-time if there is an outstanding pledge, a recent solicitation, or a contribution limit issue.
  • Data Entry
    Fast Data Entry
    Whether you're mass-entering hundreds of checks or a few one-off donations, we make the process fast and error-free.
  • Custom Call Sheets
    Custom Call Sheets
    Going old school? No problem. Choose from dozens of canned call sheets or create your own in seconds.

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