Web Setup and Design Options

DIY, custom, or our blended approach allows you to get the website you need and save money for your campaign.
Beautiful design and action-oriented websites don't just make you look good--they help you succeed. Basic Setup is included with all websites to get you up and running quickly and it allows you to take advantage of team resources to save money. For higher-end demands, we also offer Custom Web Design services to provide as much (or as little) assistance as you need with graphic design, content publishing, social media integration, and other site customization.
Setup and Design Options

Basic Setup

With Basic Setup, we do all the core tech setup. Then you create your content and use BlueUtopia's Web Builder to publish your content. Because you are performing all of the content design and publishing, there is no additional design or setup cost.

Basic Migration

If you don't need a custom website and you either have a current site or all the site content, then this is a great option. Here, we will grab all of your existing content like your logo, photos, walk-sheets, bio, issue statements, etc and we create an entire site out of by publishing and optimizing your content into your new website on BlueUtopia.

Full Setup & Design

This is a more complete design package but one that still keeps your costs low. Here, we still do all the setup and content publishing but we also have additional hours dedicated for graphics design, custom look and feel optimization, SEO, and other activities that are important but cannot be addressed in the limited packages above.

Custom Design

With a custom approach, a web designer will work with you to get exactly what you need. This approach is obviously more collaborative and open-ended but also is higher cost. You will work with one of our design partners to create all of your images, web content, etc, then we will publish it all into your website.

Setup and Design pricing
  Self-Setup Basic Full-Service Full Setup & Design Custom
We do the technical setup. Then you use our tools to publish your content. You provide the base content and we publish it and make sure everything looks great. We help you create your content including custom graphics. Full custom website website built to your specifications.
Setup all default pages
Full technology setup
Migrate existing web content
Publish all initial content
Social media integration
Basic SEO Optimization
CSS customization *
Create custom graphics *
* Maximum total hours n/a 10 35
Setup and Design Cost $0 $1250 $3500 Call Us

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