Why Our Clients Love Our Customer Support

We take immense satisfaction in providing fantastic support to our clients. In fact, it’s one of the things that sets us apart from pretty much every other provider of political campaign technology. A lot of places provide no direct support. Or it's just plain bad. In other cases, you pay a lot for in your monthly fee. With us, it’s all included in the very low monthly price. And it's all awesome.
  • Fast Responsive Support We take pride on
    being responsive
    of support tickets are addressed within 45 minutes of being submitted.
  • Helpful Customer Support We take pride on
    being helpful:
    of our tickets are rated as "helpful" or "very helpful" in response to solving the issue.
  • Friendly Customer Support And we take pride on
    being pleasant:
    of resolved cases where the communications were rated as "friendly" or "very friendly".