Finance and FEC Compliance

Connect your online fundraising page to instantly sync your fundraising data, track all your finances, and file your FEC compliance reports quickly and easily.
FEC Compliance

File FEC compliance reports without issues, without errors, or ever double-entering data.
Political CRM

Build better relationships with a full-featured CRM system

Understand everything about your supporters with a powerful CRM system. Track every interaction and communication automatically. Link social profiles, relationships, professional connections, and much more.

Act-Blue Integration

Seamless integration with ActBlue

Donations on ActBlue sync in real-time and our intelligent matching system gives you a complete picture of online and offline donations without creating duplicate donors.

Campaign Compliance Reporting

Quickly prepare compliance reports

Easily enter all your transactions and sync your online sources automatically. Eliminate bad data and save time with no more double-entry. Then prepare compliance reports with state or federal agencies in seconds.

What our clients say Important information that we need is there -- instantly. That makes me better when I talk to people. It makes my campaign staff better. It makes our entire campaign better.
- Jay Inslee, Washington State Governor
We needed some FEC compliance software that worked and that was affordable for a small congressional race. We chose BlueUtopia and could not have been more pleased. Their compliance system works smoothly. It's easy to use. And they back it up with exceptional support.
- Brent Ottoway for Congress PA 13

See it in action

If you want to see how easy it is to file an FEC compliance report, check out this brief video which walks through the entire process

Which solution is right for you? Do you need just a CRM system? Or do you need CRM with all the fundraising and communication tools? Or do you just need to streamline your finance and compliance? Get what you need without paying for what you don't.
Core CRM System

Core CRM System

Consolidate all your supporter and donor data in one place. Track interactions and always have a single place with accurate up-to-date information on every supporter.

Donor Management System

Donor Management System

The Core CRM + all the tools you need to build donor relationships at scale, fundraise, communicate, and grow your base of supporters.

Finance and Compliance System

Finance and Compliance

Connect your online fundraising page to instantly sync your fundraising data, track all your finances, and file your state compliance reports quickly and easily.

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Take a deeper look at the tools Tools for fundraising, communications, advocacy, financial tracking and compliance reporting -- all tightly integrated and embedded with valuable data and services.

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