FEC Compliance Reporting

You want to file your reports but you'd like to not spend a small fortune or have your team double-enter everything into a separate system. We hear you. Welcome to Blue Utopia FEC Compliance. FEC Compliance Reporting

The Tech Platform for Progress

The BlueUtopia Campaign System has all the tools and integrations you need to organize, communicate with, and fundraising from your supporters and prospects.

File FEC reports without issues, without errors, and without waiting
  • Integrated Database
    A single database
    All your data is in one place, saving you time, reducing errors, freeing up resources, and improving your campaign.
  • FEC error checking
    Proactive error checking
    Get alerts if someone shows up on your report who has exceeded a limit, is missing employer or occupation, or other common errors.
  • Fast FEC Reporting
    Fast and easy reporting
    Select your report, click go, and walk through the steps to filing and uploading your report in seconds.
  • Audit Trails
    Automated audit trails
    Communications regarding reattribution or best-efforts are automatically stored in the system in case of an audit.
  • ActBlue Integration
    Integrated to ActBlue
    Connect your ActBlue account and have all your online donations automatically added to your database, ready to report.
  • Cloud-based FEC Repoorting
    100% cloud-based system allows you to file from anywhere and anytime.
  • Data Entry
    Fast Data Entry
    Whether you're mass-entering hundreds of checks or a few one-off donations, we make the process fast and error-free.
  • Teamwork
    For the whole team
    Compliance is one part of an integrated system. This allows you to have one system, for everything, with one monthly expense.

What do clients have to say? We needed some FEC compliance software that worked and that was affordable for a small congressional race. We chose BlueUtopia and could not have been more pleased. Their compliance system works smoothly. It's easy to use. And they back it up with exceptional support.
- Brent Ottoway for Congress PA 13

Affordable to start and as you grow

Whether you're a one-person organizer, a county candidate campaign, or a national advocacy group, our scaled pricing makes it affordable for every organization.

FEC Compliance-Only System

A scaled-down system that removes fundraising and communication tools to focus on tracking finances and filing FEC compliance reports at the lowest possible cost.

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See it in action

If you want to see how easy it is to file an FEC compliance report, check out this customer help video, which walk through the entire process

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