Federal Campaign & Compliance

Everything a federal campaign or PAC needs to consolidate all supporter data, communicate and engage with an audience at scale, fundraise online and offline, track and manage growth, and file FEC compliance reports quickly and easily - all in one single easy-to-use integrated system.
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The BlueUtopia Campaign System has all the tools and integrations you need to organize, communicate with, and fundraising from your supporters and prospects.

All your CRM tools and supporter data under one roof

Robust CRM System

All tools integrated to the BlueUtopia CRM system that helps you consolidate your supporter data, track every activity, and build relationships at scale. This powerful and easy-to-use system includes powerful tools for cleaning and manging data, pulling reports, generating highly targeted lists and much more.

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Fundraising - online and traditional

Riase money with beautiful custom fundraising forms and event tickets - or even integration with ActBlue. But online fundraising is part of the story. Traditional fundraising is still a major source of funds. With BlueUtopia, you can manage calltime, enter checks, track pledges and automatically manage follow-ups. BlueUtopia Fundraising tools help you build, track, and optimize all your fundraising activities.

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Digital Marketing

Communicate instantly and inexpensively with any segment of your audience. Custom email templates and a simple html-editor make creating an email effortless. And when it comes time to hit send, you can rely on being delivered because our intelligent tools are constantly working to help keep your lists clean, your sender-score high, and your emails in the inbox.

Advocacy Tools

Everything you need to engage your supporters with pettions or customized online actions. All tools are mobile-friendly, integrate social-sharing, and instantly integrate to your supporter database so you can see every activity in real-time, as well as full reporting on actions taken.

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FEC Compliance Reporting

Filing FEC compliance reports needs to be neither time-consuming nor expensive. With BlueUtopia, entering transactions is fast and easy with no duplicates. Online (or ActBlue) donations are automatically populated in your system. And filing your reports is a simple 4-step process that highlights errors and omissions as you go.

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We needed some FEC compliance software that worked and that was affordable for a small congressional race. We chose BlueUtopia and could not have been more pleased. Their compliance system works smoothly. It's easy to use. And they back it up with exceptional support.
- Brent Ottoway for Congress PA 13

Affordable to start and as you grow

Whether you're a startup campaign with a few donors or a large-scale fundraiser, scaled pricing makes it affordable for everyone.

Campaign System

BlueUtopia Campaign System makes it easy to raise money, track online and offline donors, and save time with all your fundraising activities.

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