Jay Inslee Case Study

The Situation

Jay Inslee was still a Congressman in Washington's 1st district when his team wanted to start looking to the future. They wanted to aggressively build a much larger audience and they wanted their supporters to be much more involved with the campaign. However, with a database system that nearly no one could use, they had collected very little data on their supporters and what they did have was largely scattered in spreadsheets.

Job 1: Consolidated the team and all data

First, they needed to consolidate around one system. They chose BlueUtopia and were able to quickly consolidate lists into a single system. Everything that had been stored in old systems, Excel sheets, email accounts, previous donor lists, event attendee sheets -- everything -- was consolidated into a singe database. That was a critical first step but what was also key was that now everyone on the team could actually use the system. So everyone was able to add valuable data to the system and continue growing it with every interaction.

2. Team Inslee grew their email list by 800% in one cycle

Armed with a good email list from consolidating all their data, the Inslee campaign could now focus on building a campaign that helped them build their database of supporters. With the BlueUtopia system, every interaction integrates into a single system. The Inslee team began with town halls, and online petitions, and sent out a regular email with high-value content. With event RSVP's, email signups, small donors, and even inquiries to the campaign all going into the database, their email list went from 1500 to over 12,000 in just a single campaign cycle.

3. Built an effective online fundraising program

The Inslee campaign was an early adopter of technology. As early as 2004, they had tried (albeit not very successfully) to raise money online. Unfortunately, they were having no success. With the new BlueUtopia system however, many things changed: online traffic had now grown significantly, email outreach was way up, and their online donation system was now professionally designed and optimized for high completion rates. Online contributions, which were virtually non-existent in prior years, instantly jumped to 8% of total and, by the time the Governors race began 2011, had become a principle source of campaign funding.

4. Grew database of supporters by 60X

With BlueUtopia, every interaction is integrated into a single system. Event attendees were being signed up for the email list, which was feeding into the online fundraising, which was then building the pipeline of Jay Inslee's personal calls. Over the course of 2 campaign cycles the Inslee campaign's list of supporters, which started at just 1500, had grown to over 40,000. By the time the gubernatorial campaign started, they had 88,000 supporter records – nearly a 60-fold increase.

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