Cyrus Habib Case Study

The Situation

Cyrus Habib was about to be a first-time candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives. As any accomplished person who is about to take on an endeavor like this, Cyrus had his own personal connections but nothing in the way of a campaign infrastructure or base of supporters. He knew he needed to run a good campaign and specifically he wanted to be aggressive about his online campaign. However, he did not and would not have a resource dedicated to running the online campaign. So the system he needed would have to be easy to use for him and for any novice campaign staff he would hire.

1. Effectively used broadcast email

Starting with just a small seed of core supporters, Cyrus began using BlueUtopia's broadcast email to get out his word, promote events, and ask for support. He grew his email list from virtually nothing to almost 3000 and sent them regular high-quality and informative updates on his ground-breaking campaign.

2. Attracted a large online audience

Cyrus ran a robust traditional campaign but also integrated online into literature, promotional materials, and everywhere possible. The team posted and promatoted video ads online and integrated their social networks to their website. By Election Day, over 17,000 people had visited the website.

3. Built a large database of supporters

In just a short time, the campaign went from very few supporters from the candidate's contact list to over 6500 records in the database and over 1400 Facebook Friends.

4. Effective online fundraising effort

From day one, Cyrus wanted a professional reliable online donation system. He hoped for and expected wide-ranging support and he got it. By the end of the campaign, he had raised over 120K online.

5. Election Day Victory

On Election Day 2012, first-time candidate, Cyrus Habib, won a resounding victory, with over 61% of the vote.

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