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Unite your team around a single CRM system that helps consolidate all your data in one place, organize your knowledge, track supporters, and build relationships at scale.
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The BlueUtopia CRM System consolidates all your contacts in one place, provides basic tools for outreach, and organizes your entire team around a common set of tools and data.

All your CRM tools and supporter data under one roof

Connect all your data sources

Rich Supporter Profiles

Manage your PACS and Orgs

Clean optimized data

Important information that we need is there -- instantly. That makes me better when I talk to people. It makes my campaign staff better. It makes our entire campaign better.
- Jay Inslee, Washington State Governor

Affordable to start and as you grow

Whether you're a one-person organizer, a county candidate campaign, or a national advocacy group, our scaled pricing makes it affordable for every organization.

BlueUtopia CRM

Consolidate all your supporter data into a single database, then build better relationships with your supporters.

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