Core CRM System
Consolidate all your supporter and donor data in one place. Track interactions and always have a single place with accurate up-to-date information on every supporter.
CRM for NonProfits and Political Campaigns

Unite your team around a single CRM system that helps consolidate all your data in one place, organize your knowledge, track supporters, and build relationships at scale.
Political CRM

All of your donor data in one place

No more scattered lists in various systems or partial data on your supporters. Connect your data and start communicating with your full universe of supporters, wherever they come from.

Political CRM

Build better relationships with a full-featured CRM system

Understand everything about your supporters with a powerful CRM system. Track every interaction and communication automatically. Link social profiles, relationships, professional connections, and much more.

PAC Management

Track PACS and Orgs

Track lobbyist relationships, PAC donations, and tie together every person that connects to an organization, giving you easier and quicker access to the right people at your fingertips.

Data Management

Take control of your data

Stop paying technical hourly fees to have clean, rich data. With BlueUtopia Data Manager, you can identify and remove duplicates, link household records, remove bad or incomplete records, customize your data fields -- all without any technical expertise.

Affordable to start and as you grow

Whether you're a one-person organizer, a county candidate campaign, or a national advocacy group, our scaled pricing makes it affordable for every organization.

BlueUtopia CRM

Consolidate all your supporter data into a single database, then build better relationships with your supporters.

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