How is Blue Utopia different from NationBuilder?

NationBuilder has done a nice job with their technology and with building their company. There are a lot of differences between NationBuilder (NB) and BlueUtopia. Here are a few of the key differences.

Progressive Mission There's only one place to start the conversation of the differences and that's where NationBuilder has made it a big part of their mission to serve Republicans.  Starting in 2012, they partnered with the Republican party and in 2016, served many of the Republican presidential nominees, including Rick Santorum and Donald Trump.  This approach might be okay for large utility services (e.g. MSFT, Facebook, Google, etc) but is entirely not okay in the market where a client is trying to win partisan political campaign. 

Pricing. At first glance, it would appear that BlueUtopia and NationBuilder have very similar pricing. And for a new startup campaign or organization, with no specific needs, this might be true. However, NationBuilder segments their offering to draw clients into higher priced packages.  Additionally, they have raised prices consistently over the years. BlueUtopia, by contrast, prides itself on never having raised prices on existing customers. Even when we have raised prices, we have grandfathered in existing clients at their current price level. It's an entirely different approach to the way we treat our customers. See more pricing details here

Product Differences.  NB has invested significantly on developer tools and a robust API.  For organizations that need complex integrations to 3rd party services, this a key feature that will and should continue to bring NationBuilder business. They also have an open website template system, designed to allow website developers to add tweaks to their system and earn revenue.  They have done a very good job with their technology and deserve credit. All that being said, their platform is more focused just on the online tools for campaigns. They don’t delve very deeply into the CRM (or back-office) tools of a campaign such as managing donors, tracking finances, compliance, managing volunteers, etc – all core capabilities in the BlueUtopia system. 


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