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  • How is Blue Utopia different from NGP

    On the CRM side, the biggest differences are pricing and ease-of-use. BlueUtopia is affordable and easy-to-use. NGP is neither. On the voter data side, BlueUtopia does not offer voter file or field tools.

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  • How is Blue Utopia different from NationBuilder?

    NationBuilder serves Republicans, has partnerships with Republican national organizations, and integrates their platform to the national Republic database. Blue Utopia serves Democrats and Progressives only. That's our mission and we will never stray from helping our audience. Additionally, NationBuilder does not go very deep into the donor-management functions such managing fundraising calltime, tracking offline pledges and contributions. If you need a common report like Lapsed Donors, which inherently requires a view of online and offline donations, you just don't get that with NationBuilder like you do with Blue Utopia. The same goes for traditional tools like FEC compliance. If you have NationBuilder and need FEC compliance, you'll need an entirely separate system, which is likely to cause you hundreds of more dollars per month. With Blue Utopia, it's just a simple add-on - easy, inexpensive, and fully integrated.

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  • How is Blue Utopia different from Blue State Digital?

    In 2010, Blue State Digital was acquired by WPP Digital, leaving behind BSD Tools. BSD is a great toolset but very cost-prohibitive for small and medium size organizations. Like so many others, their focus is online advocacy so if you need a donor-management system, you'll need an entirely different system in addition to BSD.

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  • How is Blue Utopia different from ActionKit?

    ActionKitís solution is entirely focused on online advocacy. They do not offer Ďback-officeí tools for activities like candidate fundraising or compliance. Starting at over 2K per month, ActionKit targets very large organizations with considerable budgets and a solid technical team to customize and manage the technology.

  • How is Blue Utopia different from Salsa Labs?

    Salsa is very much like ActionKit. Their focus is online organizing tools like emails, petitions, etc. Their tools are very powerful but they can also be very difficult to use without a deep familiarity with them. Their platform is designed to be very extensible with apps that plug in but again, this approach targets a customer with deep customization needs and a considerable staff or budget to make the tools work. Blue Utopia is much more of a subscribe-and-go system, with nearly or no integration requirements or technical expertise.

  • How is Blue Utopia different from WordPress?

    WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) only. It is only good for managing your website content. Blue Utopia's platform includes an integrated website but it is just one small piece of the system. WordPress is very popular and powerful website system. For organizations that need the power and flexibility of thousands, if not millions, of templates, plug-ins, and widgets, then we recommend WordPress. Our system even integrates to WordPress.

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