Build an effective online fundraising system

Custom-branded donation pages have proven to be over 35% more effective than non-branded portal sites. Our online fundraising system includes custom branded but also event ticket pages, as well as facebook fundraising, allowing you to raise money for your events and push your transaction pages right where your donors area.

Events, Call-time, and traditional fundraising

Many systems do online fundraising only but that's only half the battle. Organizing and measuring call-time, generating reports, mining for prospects, enabling fast data lookups - these are all fundraising activities that take an enormous amount of time and expense. We make traditional fundraising more effective and less time-consuming.

Build Strong Donor Relationships

The best fundraisers know that raising money isn't about a donate now button but about cultivating relationships -- from the candidate's friend & family list all the way down to a petition-signor. Our campaign system includes many tools that help you build those relationships -- from social lookups that greatly expand your insight to a supporter, to birthday alerts for donors, to on-the-fly automated news search before a candidate makes a fundraising call.