Reach the right people with the right message

Segment your lists by almost any criteria you can imagine. Reach to your whole list, last cycle's donors, volunteers in a specific zip code -- whoever you need to reach is a click away. That gives you much more control than emailing a full list. Then customize your message with dynamic content to give even more relevance to your message.

Communicate with more people

Your entire system is integrated so everyone touching any part of your campaign is automatically added to your database and included in your audience. This not only eliminates the time your team is spending with data entry, it automatically builds your list of reachable people with the latest information.

Deliver multiple formats

Email is still king but it's not just email alone. Communicate with your supporters over text, facebook, or twitter. Generate a personal broadcast voice message and send to your supporters in seconds. Deliver the right message to the right people and in the right format anytime, quickly and easily.