Consolidate Data

Every contact list, LinkedIn, Excel worksheet, accounting system, email system, and sign-up sheet; all integrated into your single campaign database. This is step one to organizing your campaign and beginning the process of transforming your campaign into an organization that makes every successive effort easier and more effective.

Make every person on your team a contributor

Most systems are so hard to use, only the professional service providers can use your system. That limits the value of the extended team and reduces the data and intelligence that makes it into the campaign database. Our tools are powerful but extremely easy-to-use. That puts the tools into your entire team's hands and puts more and better information in the system.

From seed to supporter

Donors don't just come from the candidate's rolodex. Today's signup is tomorrow's prospect. And today's $5 donor is potentially next cycle's major donor. But that requires an integrated system with tools to add information to your records and to help you build good relationships with your supporters.

Focus on your campaign.  Not technology

Few campaigns have the right resources to manage their own technology.  That's why we do it all for you - from hosting, to DNS setup, to email management, and a whole lot more - your responsibility is your messaging and your content. The technology is taken care of, helping you be online and communicating quickly and efficiently.