Supporter Management (CRM)

Unite your campaign around a single CRM system that helps consolidate all your data into one place, organize your campaign, track supporters, and build relationships at scale.

Build better relationships at scale.
  • Consolidated Data
    Consolidate Your Contacts
    Integrate all of your contact data into a single system to grow your reach and build better relationships with a more complete view of supporters.
  • Donor Management
    360° View of Every Supporter
    A single view of everyone and everything you know about your supporters.
  • social match
    Deeply Integrated Social
    From website to automated tools, social is deeply engrained in the supporter system.
  • Full Data Management
    Manage Your Data
    Easily import data, clean, de-dupe, mass-edit, even mass-household your data without technical resources.
  • Track orgs and pacs
    Manage your PACS and Orgs
    Easily organize your org and PAC contacts. Track lobbyist relationships, clients, donations, and so much more.
  • Reports and Lists
    Reports and Lists
    Get to any code or list or view hundreds of standard flexible reports in seconds.
  • Enriched Profiles
    Enriched Profiles
    Your donors are online. Know so much more about what they care about to increase your ability to speak to them effectively.
  • Contact Info
    Unified Contact Information
    All contact information, available anytime, from any device. Even sync with various external systems like Gmail.
  • Track All Supporters
    Track Every Supporter
    Not just donors, and not just online supporters - track everyone and turn today's online activist into tomorrow's donor.
  • Track Interactions
    Automatically Track Interactions
    Every letter, call, email, doorbell or online action is automatically stored in your system so every interaction is at your fingertips.
  • Related To Records
    Track Relationships
    Link known relationships records by household, friendship, board memberships, and more ensure you have a full picture of the person and key relationships.

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