Data Enhancement
Information at the click of a mouse. Save time. Communicate better. Improve your fundraising.
Data Enhancement for NonProfits and Political Campaigns

Reduce the time your team spends on research
(to zero)
  • Phone Datafeed
    Phone Lookup
    When you have a prospect but no phone, this finds it for you, with one click.
  • Email Datafeed
    Email Lookup
    Need an an email address? Get one in about a second.
  • Social Profile Datafeed
    Social Profiles
    Automaically find and append your supporters' record with their social profiles.
  • Donor News Datafeed
    Donor News
    Scours the web at night for every donor in your system and alerts you if a donor made the news.
  • County Datafeed
    Automatically appends your supporter record with county, based on their address.
  • Geolocation Datafeed
    Adds latitude/longitude to supporter records.

  • and these are coming very soon...
  • Donor History Datafeed
    Donor History
  • Vote District Datafeed
    Voting District
  • Email Validation
    Email Validation

DataFeed FAQs
  • How do DataFeeds work?

    There are three ways you will see datafeeds working in your system -- automatic updates, (manual) lookups, and bulk updates. Automatic updates apply to data that require no user intervention. Lookups allow the user to click a button and add the new data to the supporter record. Bulk updates allow you to query a list from your databse and submit it in bulk to the desired DataFeed. The respective records are updated automatically and you are notified of the number and records updated.

  • Where is the data coming from?

    Lookups are powered by 3rd party data sources that we've integrated into the application.

  • How do I perform a lookup

    For any data field where lookups are available, you'll see the lookup icon. If this DataFeed is active for you, it will be colored (grey means it's inactive). By clicking the icon, the system initiates a search for your person and displays the corresponding data.

  • Can we do lookups on Orgs?

    Currently, there are no active lookups for organizations, other than FEC-registered committees. If you have one you'd like to see though, please get in touch.

  • What do they cost?

    Lookups are add-ins to your subscriptin and are priced the same as all of our subscriptions - monthly and based on the size of your system. Some are actually free though. You can view pricing for any DataFeed on our addon pricing page .

  • Is there a limit to the number of lookups?

    Lookups are subject to a monthly maximum that is equal to 10% of your total max number of records. For example, if your subscription is at level 4 (5,000 records), the monthly maximum number of lookups in a month is 500.

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